On Trade, the Die Is Cast With China

President Trump has irreversibly changed the future of China. He is in the process of creating a new world order with regard to trade. We will look back 10 years from now on 2019 and refer to China as BTC (Before Trump China) and ATC (After Trump China)....

Chinese Student Visas Should Be Part of Trade Negotiations

Chinese nationals have been attending American universities in burgeoning numbers over the last decade. There are more than 360,000 of these students now enrolled in U.S. colleges, up fivefold since 2006. As a reference point, the total is equal to the...

Trump Plays Chess, Not Chinese Checkers, With Economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell just handed President Trump and the American people an early Christmas gift, softening his tone on further interest rate hikes in an economic speech Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 617 points in...

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